I need to believe in humanity

Screenshot 2018-04-24 13.39.55

Driving home I had to shift low in my seat to read the sign

Then swerved unbelieving in what I was reading

If you are bothered by killing a 6-month-old baby

Vote No

It took me a second to actually comprehend the meaning…


That the vision of the world they see

Is one where a woman will kill her baby for free

They must not believe in the essential goodness of humanity.

Do they know what they’re saying, what they show?

I can’t follow that, I can’t vote No…


They assume there are women who have no problem killing a baby

That the decision is not maybe

One of the hardest, most traumatic things they’ll ever feel

Or have to choose or imagine or contemplate…

I’ve seen people haunted. I’ve seen women break


I’m not saying there are times I don’t doubt

But I’ve seen enough to know, that at the core of it all

There is heart in every call

That we all, every human being loves life and it’s only in a very desperate play

That we’d choose to go the other way


The vision of the world I see

Is one where everyone is trusted to choose for free

I need to believe in humanity




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