Winging it

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For so much of life I’ve been shitting it

Feeling like I’m winging it

Holding back,

Afraid to show what I’ve got

For what?

Unqualified, temping at a school

Not really playing by the rules

Writing plays and comedy

Not believing I know how and feeling

Inexperienced, Inadequate and shy

Accountancy, KPMG,

An enterprise agency

Youth Employment, government tendering,


Waiting for that tap on my shoulder saying

I think you’re in the wrong place lady

But you know Philip Seymour Hoffman felt the same

And he was fucking legend at his game

Maybe everyone feels vulnerable waiting for that tap

Scared and not knowing, so fuck that

Forget the rules, I think they’re all in our head

They won’t do us much good when we’re dead

Maybe this is how we’re meant to be

Shit nervous, but alive and free

So from now I’m taking it on

Winging it with pride, even if it’s wrong

I’m bringing it, giving it

Singing it, flinging it

Making it, creating it

Feeling it, believing it,

Still shitting it, but not holding back

Feeling like I’m winging it

But showing everything I’ve got

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