A New York Minute


The world is bigger today.

I am me in it. Free.

It’s brighter, bursting with colour.

Great lights embrace the sky.

Buildings sing a creative call

Battery Park. Running past Liberty.

The empire states that it can see all


The world is bigger today.

New York in my bones and my core

And my energy soars.

I wasn’t going to go.

I was nervous, scared of the call

Was I pushing too much? Could I handle the fuss?

My son and I alone for 10 hours on a greyhound bus

For 5 hours in New York. Was I mad like they said?

But I stepped out. Ignoring the voices in my head


And the world is bigger today

My mind expands and settles in the larger space.

My heart quickens loving the pace.

It’s a world with wide open walls.

For me. For my son.

For anyone who dares to explore.

Who steps outside to be in it.

Even for minute


The world is bigger today.

The universe colludes with the world

To show me it can see

The Piano in the Port Authority

Plays my favourite tune.

The bus stops at Madison Avenue 2121

My weird repetitive numbers that say well done

The server in Wasabi offers me free water.

New Yorkers smile as they walk by.


The world is bigger today.

Because I touch the universe with me.

I am me in it. Free.

And I know it seems small.

But for a New York minute. I have it all.

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