The Black Rabbit – Spontaneity Issue 10

The Black Rabbit watches me, her eyes a green-grey dark.

I want her; I know in that moment I have always wanted her.

I take a step towards her; she blinks, an invitation to her dark abyss. Did the Black Rabbit smile? Can Rabbits smile? As always on the cusp, I hesitate, unable to grasp her for myself.

Perhaps she is a test, a temptation to a hellish unknown. Will red-faced devils and nymphs ridicule and poke me forever with their cynical cutlery of failure? Or will she show me everything I’ve ever wished for – joy, happiness, belonging? Will that hole be nothing – am I ready for the void? In a world of uncertainty, of overwhelming choice, it is finite and sure, a peaceful thing.

The Black Rabbit twitches. She’s losing interest in me, beckoned elsewhere by another lost soul.

The ground below me is solid, the earth today is a beautiful shade of orange.

I raise my eyes and gaze again into the dark green and grey.

I follow her.

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