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2023 Performance Dates

SCEAL Balbriggan Open Mic (Venue TBC) 2nd February 2023 8.30 pm

Swords Spoken Word Night by @thedublinwriter (Venue TBC) 2nd March 2023 7.45 pm

Fingal Poetry Festival 2021

We had a brilliant night at the Fingal Poetry Festival’s first ever poetry slam! It was the first live event in a long time for most people there, performing and in the audience and we created a buzz (or collective effervescence) to be proud of. Carla Beattie was the winner, Partridge Boswell was second and Joseph Mackey was third. All twelve poets participating were amazing. The music by Eimear O Sullivan was gorgeous and John Cummins was as ever, just brilliant. The way he moves through his words and poetry interacting with audience as he goes is so natural and inspiring for me who is still learning how to manoeuvre the magic between performance and poetry.

Thanks to all the festival committee and volunteers for organising everything and giving us all the opportunity of performing. Hopefully it will be the first of many Fingal Poetry Slams!